The Advantages of Driving a Hatch Back Vehicle

A hatch back is really a vehicle’s body style incorporating a shared passenger and cargo size, with rearmost accessibility via a rear third or forth door: typically a top-hinged liftgate. It offers functions such as fold-down rear seats, that allows mobility. What? Generally, a hatch back is known for being shorter compared to a standard vehicle that offers the ability to put down the rear car seats for additional boot space. Many people believe that this

Top 10 Best Petrol Cars in India Below 4 Lakhs

Indian car industry has been making its mark in the automobile field as more and more car manufacturers have been distributing their latest models in this country.

If you are on a tight budget and you want a car, your best option is to look for cars under the 4 Lakh mark. You can get brand new cars and also used ones under this price range, the secret in finding these cars is thorough

What Your Car Reveals About Your Personality

Your car makes a statement. It tells the world a little about who you are, about what you are interested in, and about what you value most in life. Much like an outfit, your car reveals a sliver of your personality. The market has been inundated with different kinds of cars for years on end, and it will only become more diverse as the industry expands to meet the needs of consumers. When you start looking for your next car you must consider several

The Popularity Of The Hatchback

The concept of a hatchback was born in the USA as long ago as the thirties. It is a derivative of the station wagon, or as we grandly call it today the ‘estate’.

A hatchback is a design that allows the cabin of the car to be integrated with the boot. The boot is accessed via a backdoor that lifts upward at the back of the car, allowing easy access to the cargo area. Most hatchback cars have

Space Saving Small Cars

With petrol prices continuing to increase and cars becoming more expensive to run, people are turning to small cars to solve their problems. These cars have gained incredible popularity due to their compact size, cost and fuel efficiency. These cars have contributed in a major way to the modern car industry and almost all of the major manufacturers around the world offer a range of compact vehicles.

Tips For Buying a Small Car

You may want just a small car, but the task is big. To cross a road, this is what you need to do. Look left, look right, left again, proceed. It’s something similar while going for a new car. The Indian car market is crowded with small cars. It’s not just the Maruti 800 and Zen that roam around the Indian streets. The choice is vast and you need to select the best from the crowd. Here’s how you do it.

Hatchbacks and Small Cars – The Way to Go!

Wikipedia defines Hatchback as “a term designating an automobile design, containing a passenger cabin with an integrated cargo space, accessed from behind the vehicle by a single, top-hinged tailgate or large flip-up window. The vehicle commonly has two rows of seats, with the rear seat able to fold down to increase cargo space.”